SCTV always is friend and confident partner of customers to trade programs, to exchange the channel rights, to investment television program with local television station and oversea one.

In recent years, we have successfully traded and exchanged the rights of famous international channels, such as HBO, Cinemax, Startmovies, ESPN, Starsport, Disney Channel, CNN, BBC, Discovery, National Geography, Fashion TV, Animal Planet ... and other special programs that enrich the content broadcasted. There are some high rating channels that should be watched such as The Channel of film series (SCTV17), Comedy Channel (SCTV1), Theater Channel (SCTV7), Asian Movie Channels (SCTV9), Vietnamese Movie Channels (SCTV14), Sports channel (SCTV15), excellent foreign film Channel (SCTV16)…

SCTV Company is very experience to develop and to manage advertising programs, TV commercial, the television event based on each requests of customers. The advertising program is supported by team, who are high experience and professional level with the system of modern equipment. All the television programs compliance strictly with the Ordinance on Advertising, Press Law and the Provisions of the government.
The self-innovation and high effort always is encourage whole SCTV staffs in order to accomplish the highest satisfies of customers. That is the very goal of the development strategy of SCTV Company.


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