Leasing service of fiber communication backbone is a one of strengths of SCTV Company. Based on its fiber communication backbone (3x40 Gbps), we serve all demands of business solution such as communication connection, transfer data … via P2P direct connection nationwide.
With service of video transmission, SCTV also provide a one-way and two-way transmission service of television signal throughout Vietnam.
With the best quality of Internet Leased-Line service, SCTV would like to meet customer’s needs that helps connecting everywhere through internet network with high, stable speed.

SCTV’s lease-line service commits to provide the best service with the following advantages:

  •     Real-time data transmission without any response delay meets any customer’s requirements.
  •     Connections of Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint
  •     Connecting solutions of LAN, WAN
  •     Wide range of service: Voice IP, Fax, Video, data, Video conference…
  •     International standard lease-line service authorizes fully to access the service at 24h every 7 days.
  •     Highly security, easily management.
  •     Low, competitive charge and flexible terms of policy.
  •     Once cost of installation … (lower installation cost for multichannel subscription)

The service of international on-demand bandwidth is the most of advantage of SCTV leasing communication backbone one. The service meets enterprises’ requirement of flexible internet access speed.