-     On 27 Aug 1992, Saigontourist Cable television Joint venture Company (Abbreviated English name SCTV) was established by the decision no.2204/QD – UB of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Headquarter located to 102 Nguyen Hue, District 1, HCM City.


-     On 17 May 1993 MMDS broadcasting station was installed at Palace Hotel. The location was 55-66 Nguyen Hue Street Dist 1 HCM City. At the beginning, MMDS Station serviced 24 hours daily with covered scope of 10km square. We started providing cable television service to the chain of hotels of Saigontourist Company in HCM city.


-    On 03 December 1994, the Saigontourist Cable Television (SCTV) Company that is the government enterprise was founded by the decision No. 08/QD–UB of the President of Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee that named.


-     On 03 Dec 1994, Saigontourist Cable Television (SCTV) Company to be a state-own enterprise, based on the decision No. 08/QD–UB of the President of Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee.


-     In April 1995, the new MMDS station was installed at 1 Quang Trung, Dong Hung Thuan Ward, 12 Dist, HCM City. There were 13 channels on air with 50W per channel and covering over 50 km square.


-     SCTV applied the General Instructment system (GI) improving performance of subscriber management.


-     On 29 March 1997 the People’s Committee of HCM City ranked SCTV as the second level of government Enterprise system based on the decision no.1409/QD – UB-NC.


-     In December 1999, SCTV headquarter was relocated to 31-33 Dinh Cong Trang street, District 1 and had started to build the HEADEND Center. Besides, all the GI code system was replaced to V-tech one.


-     On 31 December 2000, SCTV overcame 2.500 subscribers of cable television service.


-     The People’s Committee of HCM City ranked SCTV Company as the first level of government Enterprise system based on the decision No. 3607/QD–UB issued on 04 September 2002.


-     SCTV Company firstly accomplished 100,000 subscribers of cable television service. The great achievement asserted that SCTV had an efficiency business strategy.


-     SCTV Company cooperated with EVN Telecom Company and ADTEC deploying internet broadband access service via cable television network. The firm achieved over 32.000 subscribers of the internet service.


-     In 19 October 2007, the People’s Committee of HCM City issued decision 4760/QD–UB about re-ranking SCTV Company as the government enterprise at first level.


-     The Company has been awarded Labor Medal third ranking by the President of the Republic of socialist Vietnam.


-     SCTV Company accomplished 1,000,000 subscribers of cable television service and 150.000 ones of Internet service.


-   Reached 1,250,000 cable TV customers and 105,000 Internet customers, contributing VND 220 billion to the state budget.


-    SCTV transmitted 72 Analog channels, the first 132 digital channels in Vietnam, including 25 HD channels. SCTV received the second-class Labor Medal from the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


-   The number of SCTV cable TV subscribers is the top of the country with nearly 2 million customers; SCTV Internet subscribers ranked 4th in the country with more than 150 thousand customers.


-   Transmission and broadcast of 140 Digital channels, including over 30 high-quality HD channels; becoming a pioneer company in Vietnam to successfully test broadcast 4K quality TV services; also in 2014, SCTV was the first TV enterprise in Vietnam that was licensed to deploy VOD (Video -on-demand) service on existing cable TV infrastructure, through SCTV-VOD Hybrid box researched and developed by SCTV.


-    Developed 4K television technology

From 2016 to 2017:

-   Transmission and broadcast of nearly 200 Digital channels, including more than 50 super HD channels; becoming the pioneer company in Vietnam to successfully broadcast 4K quality television services; promote VOD (Video -on-demand) service on existing cable television infrastructure, through SMART BOX SCTV-VOD device, researched and developed by SCTV and develop watching TV on SCTV Online mobile devices, along with many OTT value-added services. Inauguration of new headquarters and large-scale studio in District 2.

From 2018 to 2020:

-   Implementing the solution of developing DVB-T2 digital television service application on cable network infrastructure; Deploying connection project of circuit infrastructure 2 nationwide (backup for circuit infrastructure 1).