SCTV – The leading provider of Multimedia and Telecommunications services in Vietnam.

On August 27, 1992, the Prime Minister signed a decision allowing the establishment of Saigontourist Cable Television Company (SCTV). SCTV is an enterprise with 100% state capital on the basis of a joint venture between Vietnam Television (VTV) and Saigon Tourism Corporation (Saigontourist).

On January 8, 2010 the company was transformed into Saigontourist Cable Television Company Limited (SCTV Co., Ltd) according to Decision No. 55/QD-UBND of the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee.

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With the function of designing, constructing and installing two-way cable television network infrastructure, broadband, providing multi-services, SCTV is the first state-owned enterprise in Vietnam approved by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Information. Media licensed to establish Communication - Telecommunications network infrastructure in the whole territory of Vietnam with 1GHz network technology (node 500), Docsis 3.0 broadband Internet using multi-service Communication - Telecommunications. After 30 years of construction and development, SCTV is proud to be the leading cable television network in Vietnam with the leading pay TV market share in the country, nationwide coverage to 53/63 provinces in Vietnam. SCTV provides a variety of Communication - Telecommunications Services including: Cable television, Digital television, Ultra fast internet service, super mulmtimedia application - sctvonline, VOD/OTT. As of December 31, 2014, SCTV is the leading cable television company in Vietnam with more than 2.3 million cable TV subscribers, more than 500,000 Digital subscribers, more than 300,000 Internet subscribers, more than 100 thousands of VoIP subscribers and more than 50,000 VoD/OTT subscribers. The most valuable asset and also a decisive factor in the success of SCTV today is a strong human force with more than 3200 managers, doctors, masters, engineers, bachelors and technicians. experienced, formally trained, dynamic, enthusiastic. We all understand that we are shouldering a great responsibility, a noble mission, that is: “Providing services, cultural products with humanity and telecommunications with outstanding quality, meeting the increasing needs of all classes of people”.

To develop in a sustainable way, SCTV focuses on 5 main strategic areas:


+ Content: Specialized, unique according to regional culture, making a difference from competitors.

+ Coverage: Serving all classes of people across the country and overseas Vietnamese.

+ Technology: Actively creating and constantly developing, applying the most advanced technologies to create outstanding products with stable quality.

+ Value added: Continuously develop many value-added services on an existing technical infrastructure to improve customer satisfaction and maximize efficiency invest.

+ After-sales:Dedicated and knowledgeable, professional in customer care.

As a service business, all activities of SCTV are likened to "marriage of hundreds of families", but we consider it a duty and customer satisfaction is a great encouragement to our employees. SCTV let us make more efforts, grow stronger every day.

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