Since 2005, SCTV Company is proud being a first Vietnamese company that has researched and applied successfully technology to access Internet via cable television network named SCTVnet. This is new technology throughout the world that focuses to transfer data via DOCSIS cable network of EURO Standard. The technology provides to capacity not only to broadcasting hundreds of TV cable channel but also accessing high-speed internet service with maximum download speeds 50Mbps that is based on the world’s standard.

Based on DOCSIS technology, the Internet service has offered many advantages that are different from other common internet services, as follows:  
•    Watching television and accessing Internet is together on the only cable.
•    All the accessing time: No busy signals, no waiting time.
•    High speed network:  50Mbps for downloading and 10Mbps for uploading.
•    Extremely high bandwidth and very stable speed: built on network of fiber cable and coaxial one combined.
•    To ensure good service for requiring high-speed Internet access and interactive data services such as education and distance learning, video on demand, Internet telephone calls, online games, music, and video conference…
•    Flexible policy of reasonable rate and highly automatic, accurate billing of internet access charge used method of the IPD protocol.
•    Serving quickly, exactly and friendly with Customer Service 24x7.

With our own effort, SCTV Company has been improving and enriching not only our quality of services but also premium standard of customer care.
Since 2010, SCTVnet archived the one of four of the Internet Service providers at HCM city and also at the five nationwide.
In our expectation, SCTV will be one of leader of telecommunication service providers in Vietnam until 2015.