• Year 2011

-      Developing consultant group that is qualified, professional.

-      Developing the Software Center that is managed by the Management Board of SCTV.

-      Developing join ventures and subsidiaries such as  SCJ Corporate,    Digital Content Company, Communication Service  company, Coaxial Cable Manufacturing Company , Electronics & Telecommunication Manufacturing Company.

  • Year 2012

-      Developing six subsidiaries that are operated independently.


  • 60% of  editors, engineers, reporters who have postgraduate  degrees of all staff employees.
  • 10% of all staffs will be qualified for Master degrees.


  • Increasing quality of content and signal of Analog of the channels, maintaining at least 60 analog channels until 2020
  • Increasing the number of channels which is produced itself into 15 HD channels in 2011, 30 HD channels in 2012 and 45 HD channels in 2015.
  • Having at least 1-3 channels produced by SCTV that will have the highest rating nationwide.
  • In 2011, to focus in setting fully Content Digitization Center.
  • Developing Television Training Center
  • Setting up the professional television editing board.


  • Striving for covering over 80% of center area which are under the central government until 2015.


Year 2011:

  • Producing television program based on technology of data storage center.
  • Perfecting to separation of note 500 and 200% backup power generator for whole SCTV cable network.
  • Applying and deploying the DOCSIS 3.0 technology to develop services of IP VOD, increasing speed of internet access twice.
  • Perfecting management software that monitoring distantly network infrastructure on a national scale.
  • Launching VoD service, timeshift TV for 3 types of display such as TV, LCD and Portable devices.

Year 2012:

  • Starting a project of a STB producing manufactory and warranty center in order to specialize into serving TV digitalism innovation of television industry throughout Vietnam with many types of STB such as PSTB, Hybrid STB, DVB-T STB, DVB-S STB.
  • Accelerating the development of integrate services such as game online, chat, Smart home, multimedia sharing service…
  • Applying method of object-oriented advertising.
  • Applying of online payment technology on all subscribers.
  • Developing technologies G-PON, EPON for providing internet service to business firms.
  • Developing information technology in managing and operating businesses.



  • Testing a 3D cable television technology.
  • Deploying DTH digital satellite television service.
  • Researching and developing WIFI spot service based on SCTV cable network at Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Upgrading SCTV cable network at Ho Chi Minh City to 1 GHz in order to develop converged service and also building rigorous standard of cable network installation.



  • Focusing digitization and subterranean of television cable network.
  • Covering 100% television cable network in whole the provinces and cities of the central government with over 4 million subscribers.
  • Increasing investment capital till VND8.000 billion.
  • Leading application of digital television technology.
  • To keep leading in the paid television industry.
  • Becoming the SCTV Group to diversify service in which telecommunication service and information technology is core value. There are many premium services that provides such as Digital TV, 3D TV, DTH, Mobile TV, WebTV, OTT, objected-orient advertising, Home Shopping Internet, Leased Line, VoD, VoIP, Smart Home Networking, Game Online, GameTV, developing Software, training television human resource…