Ultra fast internet service

Since 2005, SCTV was the first company in Vietnam that successfully research and launch a new internet cable techonology to the market, in the name of SCTVnet. It based on the most modern technology in the world DOCSIS 3.0, with European standard. In theory, it can transit both hundreds of television channels and internet service at the same time, up to 200Mbps.

Ultra Fast Internet - Ultra HD Television

Different from normal internet technologies, DOCSIS internet technology by SCTV bring more benefits like:

  - Watching television and surfing internet in a same cable.
  - Always ready: no waitting time or delay.
  - Up to 200Mbps.
  - Huge bandwidth and stable, thanks to the combination of fiber optic cabel and HFC.
  - Ensure stable service when using internet application that require heavy load like: Online education, OTT, VOD, Video Call, Meeting...
  - Competitive price and precisely using IPD technology.
  - Customer Service 24/7.

Beside Internet service for household and family, SCTVnet also provide bussiness line Internet for company, bussiness or organization (Internet Leased Line). ILL is the most advanced internet service with ultra fast speed, ultra security, ultra stable and no sharing bandwidth. Customers also have private IP array which is more secure.

Why chosing Leasedline Internet by SCTV:

- Unlimited connection: Ultra fast internet, with the combination of fiber optic cable and HFC, speed up to Gbps.
- Private & Direct: Direct connection to the national internet leased line.
- Ultra Stable: Stable download and upload speed, ensure continuous and online 24/24.
- Ultra Secure: Private leased line will prevents cyber attack and protect your data from Internet.
- Multi Services: With array of IP that we provide, stable bandwidth and ultra fast speed...Customer can launch realtime application like: Proxy Server, Website Service, Email Server, VPN, Video Conferencing...with highest standard.
- Active transfering between National Leased Line and Global Leased Line: We ensure ultra internet speed on both domestic and global.
- Technical Support: We have a seperated support team that will provide priority support for Lease Line customer.

With endless efforts on developing not only service but also customer service, SCTVnet is on top 4 of Internet Service Provider in Vietnam and is on the way to be one of the leading telecommunications service.